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In a Video – and a Test — 7 Comments

  1. Your piece is so beautiful. I didn’t notice any slowing down of your blog loading (and my computer is often very slow with busy blogs). Really nice!

  2. Hi Diane, there was no problem with uploading your blog with the video on it. I get you through my Google reader.

    The video was okay. I don’t think it adds any extra value to see the work of artists this way. I would prefer a slide show that I could click through at my own speed without the soundtrack. I guess that was not her intention, though, was it?

    Much love,

  3. Thanks Diane – for the little YouTube plug! I have down loaded video’s on my blog http://MagdaleneJewelspjk.blogspot.com with no problem. Also there is a link on the side bar (gadgets) if you do down you will notice that you can link any video’s of yours to your sidebar for anyone to view, besides linking it from YouTube which will show up as a complete blog. Once again, it was truly a pleasure to feature one of your pieces in my Treasury. Passion’s color and depth bring such a passionate feeling within one’s self. Always a pleasure to feature one of your pieces in my work.
    love Pam

  4. Hi Diane,
    The video is super, I was able to see it right from the email I got from you, then when I came to your blog to reply, it loaded up just as fast as usual.

  5. There were comments on Facebook too:

    Lisa Plummer wrote: Looks amazing Diane! Your blog wasn’t slow at all.

    Cheryl McDonald wrote: ooks great- I also would prefer a slide show-with no music. But everything worked fine. Love your banner at the top and your bubbles!

    Thank you both!

    It is great to get all the feedback from people!! So glad it worked an didn’t slow down the blog or the email subscriptions. I will definitely consider a slide show when I make one since several people said that they would prefer that!

    ~ Diane

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