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Day of Rest and a Name — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Diane, love the colours!

    Floribunda – that’s just my first impression, I may have it all wrong.

    We have “touch wood” in Australia, which is a similar meaning as “knock on wood” – I remember reading somewhere that the concept of touching wood is based on the cross of Jesus and goes back in ancient Norse mythology to Odin’s (Woden’s) tree, which some say preceded both the crucifix, and Druidism which worshipped the tree-gods, in concept.

    My mum taught me to say “touch wood” and if no wood is in reach (e.g. while driving) you just touch your head, because that’s made of wood LOL

    That massage machine sounds good…DH has a crook back, I might get him one – what is it called? TIA

  2. Diane this is beautiful! When I first looked at it I could appreciate the beauty of the shapes and colors but as I looked deeper I saw all kinds of things. By the way I think you should title it “THE HEALING OF DUALITY”, and this is why….. I see two parallel universes reaching out to each other and holding on against the energy that is pushing them appart. They are surrounded by a healing purple haze. I wish I could see it full size because I swear there are symbols in the flowers. They look like indian symbols to me and there is a little red man sitting at the top. We live in a dual universe…good vs bad, love vs hate, heaven vs hell. Could these symbols represent the the energy of the Shamans who are helping to bring duality together?

    Now, Diane, if this is coming at you completely from left field I have only one other thing to say. Isn’t it amazing what a person can see in a painting.

  3. Hi Diane, hope your back is better soon.

    I felt like I was wandering through dreams when I looked at this…it was an awesome feeling. But the name didn’t come to me, except maybe wandering through dreams.. I too had that feeling of duality.

  4. Hi Diane,

    I am not experienced in your field to tell a professional opinion of it. But as a art lover I says that I loves the colour combination and the picture of you. Thankyou for presenting such a beauty for our eye and mind.

  5. Hi Diane,

    This one says “Birth” to me. Birth of the creative spirit.

    Glad you’re feeling a bit better. At least you’re well on the road to recovery. As far as dealing with circumstances that are “less than ideal”, know this:

    Events in and of themselves do not cause stress. An event is, well, an event. Period. Someone says something, something happens – those are merely events, nothing more. What you have those events mean about and for YOU is what creates stress. So, if you’re not feeling emotionally well, ask yourself, “What am I having this event mean about me – who I am or what I can or cannot do?” Then examine your answer. Is that true? How can you know that it is absolutely true? How else could this event be perceived? What else could it mean?

    When you change the way you look at things the things you look at — change.

    Love + laughter,

  6. Hi Diane, we say something like ‘touch wood’ also and look around for some wood to knock on.

    I deal with stress by falling apart and then catching myself doing it and very quickly making a plan of action. That means total withdrawal from the stressful situation, recovery time in a quiet environment, rest, peace of mind, no triggers, no stress, no activities that cause stress, lots of sleep. I need to do that for a few days before I can cope again. It helps. Lots of sleep is good.

    Much love,

  7. “The Freedom Connection” is my choice of names for this beautiful painting. It brings to mind the spreading of freedom, yet still being connected to everyone and every think.

  8. Hello !!!

    this is my first time to your blog … I think. The connection was made from Slogbites site of the day. Looking over at the flickr bar, I see you have many fantastic and colorful creations.

    Happy week from SpeedyCat 🙂

  9. Hello again, Diane. The way I deal with stressors in my life is to try to not make a judgement about what is going on because often we don’t see the big picture. For example: a person gets laid off at work which forces them to get creative and they start their own company and become more successful than they ever would have at their job. So when something happens in my life I say “I don’t know whether this is good or bad, I only know it is”. Then I look for the gift or lesson for me in the situation. So many times in my life these situations have turned out to be blessings. So, chin up, tomorrow is a new beginning.

  10. Hello Diane,

    Congratulations for being the featured site at SB :D!

    “Knock on wood” yes, I had heard it before, of course. We, in Portugal, have a similar saying (and we actually do the gesture too) “Bate na madeira” (which translated is exactly “knock on wood” – bate = knock, na = on, madeira = wood).

    But for us knocking on wood is to chase bad luck, or to ask the Higher Forces to prevent something bad from happening. And it makes sense, become when you do it you will stir the energies and bad spirits (that many times help bad things to happen) are chased away (just like clapping in Tibete).

    A name for this delightful painting…let me see…I look at it and the first thing that comes to mind is Procreation. I am seeing a big uterus, ovarium, the Fallopian tubes (right in the middle of the painting)…ok, here is an idea “Fons Vitae” (latin for “The fountain of Life”).

    Oh Diane, I am doing well. Spring (that feels more like Summer) is here, the flowers are blossoming, the scent of air is delightful and I am loved! 😀
    How I deal with circumstances that are less than ideal? I take cover, darling. I breathe in and out 3 times and wait for the storm to pass by!

    Again, congrats for your SB spotlight :D!


  11. It is really interesting how many different saying we have the US, but never think about them – like “knock on wood”. I wonder how people trying to learn conversational English ever figure it out! I ilke your colorful painting – very eye-catching (whoops, there is another saying!).

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