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Illustration Friday – Celebrate — 3 Comments

  1. Those bubbles are celebrating alright, there is no doubt about it! They are having a regular party.

    I tackle my artistic endeavors with a lot of thought beforehand about what I want to try that is new and innovative and then finally on the day that I start to create, I try to find all the materials I need to make my collage with. Pictures, texts, colors, etc. I spend a lot of time cutting things out and making them fit and connecting bits of text together, before I glue them down on the paper. This is after I’ve arranged them in the most appealing way. That’s the easy part. Then comes the part of texturing the paper and giving it many layers of colors with acrylics and oil pastels. That’s also the fun part. The outcome is always a surprise and sometimes needs much fiddling with before I’m happy. It’s very exciting to do.

    Big hug,

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