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Featured in Town Crier, Greenfield — 6 Comments

  1. People on Facebook also commented:

    Kelly Alvarez wrote: What a fantastic interview! Congrats!

    Joanna Karatsaneva wrote: Congrats Diane! I’m very happy for you!!!

    Jennifer Burdick wrote: YEAH! Nice work ladies!

    Kimberly Hanson wrote: WOW! Congratulations, Diane!!!

    Linda Driscoll wrote: Wonderful job Diane! Congrats and well reserved recognition!

    Liz Plummer wrote: Oooh now I see where your eye profile comes from. hehe Great article. You did an awesome job! Congrats!

    ZudaGay Pease wrote: It came out great!! Well done Diane!!

    Enzie Shahmiri wrote: Just read the article – congratulations Diane! Great to see you are being recognized for your work! ~Enzie

    Thank you all!
    ~ Diane Clancy

  2. Is Twitter or Facebook better? I say both are great together. I have my blog, and my twitter account, and my facebook account all intergrated. Then I use tweetdeck. Its great.

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