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What Do You See? — 6 Comments

  1. Hiya,
    This one stumped me a little – i sat staring at it for ages and ages…. i thought I saw aliens!!!!! Goodness maybe It was a longer day for me than i thought lol
    I see it as beautiful colours and it gives me a feeling of wanting to stand upside down on my head!!
    That beautiful blue in the central areas, just draws me inside it…….

    If it was mine, I would call it “PERCEPTIONS” 🙂 xo

  2. I had several comments from people on Facebook and am going to share them here.

    Shawnna Boles wrote: I don’t know why, but this makes me think of the Chesapeake Bay and the mysteries of Roanoke. I see land, a bay opening into rivers, the sky before a hurricane, hurricane formations that look like mystical eyes, and the reflection of two suns setting on the water. It looks almost as if the work isn’t fully complete, like there should be a mirror image to the left that was cropped out. I couldn’t say what I would call it, but I could imagine “Secrets”, “Lost”, “Mystery”, “Reflections” or “Past” being in the title.

    Shawnna Boles wrote: Oops, not the left… the right. I meant that there are things on the left that lead you to believe that they should also be reflected on the right.

    Lorraine K Forbes wrote: A sweet, bright, beautiful adventure, with the fluidity of love and peace

    Michelle Leigh Hodsdon wrote: I was kind of thinking of a lake at sunset.

    Carmelita Caruana wrote: lakes, dawn, awakening, reflections, pools of serenity

    Robin Hernandez wrote: This is absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of a kind of dreamscape–something that’s very familiar to the viewer, but in a highly subconscious way. The foreground appears to be occupied with stylized figures; and the mid- and background strike me as some kind of underworld (but not in a negative sense of the word). It’s like a world just out of view, yet omnipresent. It could be monumental (like the universe and multiple galaxies that surround us), or microscopic (like the world inside a raindrop). Your marked use of symmetry, while somewhat offset from center, alludes to a continuation–this scene goes on and on, just outside of the viewers periphery. If the viewer were to look slightly to the right or left, there would be a similar scene, and with each turn of the head, the scenes would link together to create a kind of story.

    Beautiful work, Diane. I’m looking forward to seeing what you title it! Happy New year! 🙂

    Linda Driscoll wrote: Oh how lovely. I see the face of nature smiling at itself and watching over us from the soul of itself. Just turn it around – it’s smiling alright! Beautiful!

    Diane Clancy wrote: Thank you for your feedback!! I am delighted – I need to sort through and decide … wow!! ~ Diane

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