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Celebrating HeART — 6 Comments

  1. Getting to the heart of it would require some careful thought and digging on my part. I don’t know if I am capable of it. So many of these tasks seem to be out of my reach. I can hardly comprehend them.

    I think your artwork is perfect, though. It’s the heart of you.

    Big hug,

  2. Brilliant Diane ! I love vibrant hues too. Will work on “Getting to the heart of it’ and will be posting a Digital Graphic design on my blog as soon as I come up with it. Take care.

  3. Wonderful contribution, Diane!! I looooooooooooooove this particular piece of yours — it’s one of my favorites. So interesting to hear the origins of how it started and to hear that it has spoken to many others, too. Very fun to have you playing along for the blog fest! Lots of miracles to you… in celebration of a changing world 🙂

  4. Woow, Diane, that must have taken you dozen hours indeed! How nice to see another collage artist at work. It’s beautiful!!!!
    So nice to see your contribution at this Blog Festival: Get to the heART of it! And I see you’re joining the OWOH event too. Nice, nice, nice.
    Feel free to see my contibution too at http://www.soulcollages.punt.nl
    Love, Nora.

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