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1,000 Faces of Mother Henna by Kara L.C. Jones — 4 Comments

  1. Diane, you are a dream! Thank you so much for generously sharing and giving people links to the posts and just for being so kind. I’m really honored that you feel the art speaks to you — and I must say, I spend time here on your blog looking at your work wishing I could do what you do!!! 🙂 A zillion milllion miracles to you! And isn’t OWOH gift-away *amazing*?! What a fun trip to visit all the blogs and see what people are offering! Love it!

  2. Its crazy how much color can change the look and feel of a picture. Each one Kara varied gives you a different emotion and draws your eyes to something different. I didn’t even notice the henna on the arm until it was highlighted in green it just popped out first.

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