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The Uplifting Story I Promised — 5 Comments

  1. living in a country other than the united states and being a chronic psychiatric patient and a welfare recipient, i have never felt looked down upon or discriminated against or in any way less of a human being than any other person in my society. many things are being done for me to help me be as healthy as i can be and i have excellent health care. my living circumstances are good and i live with dignity and respect. i did not choose my circumstances, but i am very happy that i do not have to pay a horrible price for it by becoming a homeless person, for example.

    thank you for explaining the context of this story, it says a lot about the general attitude that prevails in the states about the less fortunate people. that’s why i am happy that i don’t live there anymore.

    big hug,

  2. Diane,
    That was a very uplifting story indeed! Thank you so much for sharing! We all have a gift from God, and if we follow our talents and dreams good things will come! This is what keeps me going in my art especially when I have doubts (like during this tough economy). I just keep plugging along and do what I love.


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