Organizing AWE — 2 Comments

  1. It’s good to see you ease yourself out of so much responsibility, although I can see why you needed to be there in the first place. You practically kept the show on the road with you enthusiasm. I hope you really can let go a little bit, although you always will be watchful and step in when you feel you are needed. That’s okay, if you know that your actions pay off in the long run and that they are for a worthy and deserving cause.
    But you are right, you need the time for your own work now and I hope you will find lots of inspiration and ability to make it come true. I’ll always be watching you and make sure I put my 2 cents worth in when I feel that is needed. I hope you don’t mind. I so very much want you to have time and energy for you own work. And please blog about that also.

    Big hug,

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