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More Progress on Organizing — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Diane,

    It seems to me that you spend a tremendous amount of time organizing your own and other people’s work that only indirectly have to do with the actual art of creation.

    It seems that you hardly ever have time to sit down for hours on end to craft your art, or am I getting completely the wrong impression now?

    It doesn’t seem right that so much of your time is taken up this way, when you could be producing interesting and fulfilling works of art, because surely that is what you want to be doing.

    I would like to see you spend time doing more traditional art using conventional techniques and getting much reward out of that.

    If I’m being a busy body just say so and tell me to mind my own business, you can even delete this post if you wish. I am just thinking of the creative you and how she needs room and breathing space.

    Big hugs.

  2. Organizing my art tools and materials is a constant struggle for me. I can relate to your desire to organize. My problem is I have more stuff than fits in my studio, so it is constant juggling. Fortunately I live alone and I can spread out into the next room to do the actual creative work.
    Butterfly has a good point. I will take it to heart. There is nothing like losing contact with linear time while in the act of creating, it is very healing for me.
    Take care,

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