Creating a Buzz — 3 Comments

  1. Phew, what a lot of work and energy you’ve put into that. Great kudos to you. I hope it all pays off. You must have courage to approach all these people. Do you have a secret elixir you drink off beforehand? The elixir of the courage?

    Nig hug,

  2. Diane–I read lots of blogs, most have good articles and are entertaining. Yours is all of that and an excellent resource to someone in the arts. Good article on getting started with publicity and I will pass it on to a couple of hesitant artists I know!

  3. what a great article diane!! i’m so glad you added me on twitter! i have always been a little hesitant to “pester” the press, but your article has inspired me immensely. i have just moved to australia, and don’t know many people yet. and i recently had a show that i did a press release for, but only spread it around a little. although my show was a sellout, i think i could have done a lot more to get the buzz going and get my name out there. so thanks for your words of encouragement!!

    de Shan

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