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Mark Simon’s Article – Orphan Works — 3 Comments

  1. Just a sideline to your piece, Mr. Feeney’s gushing about intellectual property originally stems from a desire to keep electronic voting machine software in the proprietary domain, keeping citizens from seeing how votes are counted by the private companies who have hijacked our elections. He has been consistently labeled as one of the most unethical people in Congress, a former golfing partner with the felon Jack Abramoff. Also as speaker of the Florida House he signed Katherine Harris’s infamous felon lists in to action in 2000 (disenfanchising tens of thousands of voters). He was instrumental in helping Jeb Bush steal Florida for George Bush in 2000.
    Lest we forget……………..

  2. I am glad you are taking action on this, a cause close to your heart, along with others. It does sound a batty idea.

    Delightful picture. Pressed flowers in lilac ink.

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