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Big Day in the Town — 3 Comments

  1. I posted about some good news last night, so it was especially gratifying to see that you had done the same!!! It is always good to hear about instances where Nature triumphs over development and/or greed. I will be watching the election returns from Greenfield to see what else materializes. I certainly hope the results please you since I know where your heart resides with regard to issues of equity and fairness…for all!

  2. It occurs to me that it would be a good idea to share with your readers the good news I posted about last night. It concerned two elderly women from Portland, Raging Grannies insofar as their politics and acitivism are concerned who won their second court case in a year. In the first instance they were among five women “charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief for using red paint in April 2007 to write the number of U.S. service members killed in Iraq on the windows of a military recruitment center in Northeast Portland. A jury acquitted them in 30 minutes.” Then yesterday the charges against them for protesting the appearance of a tank at Portland’s Grand Floral Parade were dismissed. One of my favorite comments from one of the women was, “Any time a tank is in a city street, that should cause alarm in people, not generate applause and cheering.” She also said she was especially offended by the tank because it had roses and other flowers cascading out of the barrel of its gun.
    And finally, I wanted to tell you, Diane, that I particularly enjoyed today’s “Tropical Eye”!
    I loved the colors and the patterns.

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