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Two Things Challenge – Mother/Land — 5 Comments

  1. I never know who is a mother or not so I am loathe to wish anyone a happy mother’s day, so that is why I don’t.

    Your painting is very good and I like the two heaps of land, I assume one the motherland and one the island. You could have easily left out the ducks.

    How are you feeling today? Still worn out? Recuperating a little bit? Take good care of yourself!

    Big Hug!

  2. I was trying to work out whether it was Mother’s Day too here and realised we must have it on a different day lol Funny that

    This is the same island where the bubbles are born. I like the duck bubbles. I saw a mother duck and her ducklings walking along a path near here the other day. I think they come from a nearby common which still has water on it and where ducks congregate.

  3. Diane, Noortje is Nora Ibsen and Nora Ibsen is really me. Noortje is an endearment. It is like saying, little Nora. Nora Ibsen is my American me, my alter ego. I thought it was time for her to live again. So, from now on you may call me Nora or Noortje, but I will still scold you if you don’t take good care of yourself.

    Hugs and kisses.

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