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Service to One’s Country and Not Funny “Jokes” — 4 Comments

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  2. First, let me congratulate you for your integrity and courage. Because we love our country deeply, we ought to speak out against such outrageous and inexcusale behavior, especially when it comes to the safety of our fellow citizens, let alone someone like Obama. The clip is infuriating to all decent people, whether or not they support his candidacy. How could such hate-spewing individuals get away with it??

    Second, thank you for remembering the true meaning of this day. Sometimes, we forget the essence of significant holidays because we’re too busy barbcueing or shopping for the latest suntan lotion.

    A moment of respectful silence for all those who have fallen in service to their country.

    Finally, and on a much lighter note: THIS IS AN AMAZING PIECE! It is very fresh, the composition is very strong, the colors are magnificent, and the whole artwork seems to sing of better days. I especially like the integration of vegetation within the bird (sorry…I am not very good with identifying birds..is it a toucan?).

    Best regards, and thank you for BEING YOU!!!

  3. As a Dutch person, I am trying to not get upset about this very American issue. I am afraid I will blow my top.

    I will comment instead on your very beautiful image and say how much I like it and how wonderful the colors are. The composition is just right and all things are in balance. You did a great job.

    Big Hug!

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