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Protect your copyright, write letters again NOW! — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Diane,

    You are like a trooper for all the artists of the United States. I hope you are a trooper for yourself and that you are taking care of yourself well too. Is Susan looking after you well?

    I love all your light and airy bubbles and would love to float amongst them.

    Big hug,

  2. it really seems to me that copy write, what i consider a basic human right is being tossed aside everyday.

    People feel it is ok to steal music online, and now this. This is supposed to be America. I jsut read an article about the inventor of Tetris the video game was from communist Russia and even though the game made hundreds of millions he did not receive any of it.

    Intellectual property MUST be protected. You shoot your culture in the foot as there begins to be no incentive to create or invent.

    Eric Ember
    Teaching Others How to Draw Since 1975

  3. Gday, Your post Protect your copyright, write letters again NOW! expressed my opinion exactly. how to write letter is an interesting topic with pros and cons that can be argued.

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