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Almost a Night Catastrophe — 9 Comments

  1. Whew!!! Was it a Luna Moth? We’ve had a few bat encounters through the years. I always scream! It is just a natural reflex, right? I’d love to read more bat stories.

  2. My oldest son loves bats and we get a few near here in the summer – not sure if good to have them in your attic tghough – fleas and waste.

    We had a raccoon deliver/raise babies under our eave and that was a thousand dollar problem between eviction, attempted capture by a professional and carpentry – and two huge flea infestgations – had to bomb the house and do all bed clothes in laundry while bombing.

    We finally drove it away with loud music. Try playing loud music in tghe attic. Radio blasting Heavy metal….

    I like your art today a lot – it sings to me. My best.

  3. LOL!

    I have seen quite a few bats, mainly while we were camping in the evening. Scary, scary, as they are like little mice that can fly!

    I am also scared of moths which flit about, and also Daddy-Long-Legs, which have a tendency to follow you about and land on you.

    Enjoyed this funny story. You still sound quite breathless lol

  4. I love the the art – gorgeous pattern!

    Bats don’t bother me. We have some that stay in the rafters here in the summer and they fly out at dusk and eat all of the nasty biting insects. It’s fun to go out in the canoe in the height of bug season. The CO2 we emit attracts the bugs and the bats came swooping in – we are like bait! LOL! They never touched but you could feel the air as they came so close to our heads to catch the black flies.

  5. Yes please. more bats. more batty stories – I just loved this one. So funny, imagining the two of you flapping about trying to remain calm and it turns out to be a moth. Moths are so beautiful and so worrying with their foolishness.

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