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Two Things Challenge – Masculine/Feminine — 4 Comments

  1. Really like the way you conceptualized the duality challenge – very thoughtful outcome. Glad to hear that you’re doing so well. Seems you accomplished a lot today and didn’t feel tired later.
    Yippy! Susan Elkin

  2. This is a clever interpretation, what with the Father Sky and the Mother Sea. I think I can tell which bubble is which (though sometimes in life people don’t conform to stereotypes, and for some unaccountable reason this reminds me of the British band of a few years ago The Communards, where the lead singer was tiny, gay and sang falsetto, and the person he was singing a duet with was a woman who was quite large and butch, and sang the bass notes. Going off the subject, but still quite interesting, for me at least lol)

    I like the way the feminine bubble is floating up, up and away and the masculine bubble looks quite grounded, or as much grounded as a bubble can be. Maybe this is the feminist in me ….lol

  3. beautiful – and you sound well and strong. so glad. and you did the challenge. I still haven’t done one, had a couple of ideas, but no inspiration

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