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Illustration Friday – Wrinkles & Orphan Works Act — 7 Comments

  1. I really love this picture. It has the look to me of the Taj Mahal in Venice (you can’t get any more romantic than that) with any lovers looking up into into the vast expanse of space, because their’s is a love that will last for all time.

    Everytime you put up this Illustration Friday it reminds me that I still haven’t done one yet but I am still defeated by the digital art, and I can’t submit a Paintbox sketch surely. One day soon I will try and do it lol It is very clever to get the wrinkly textures like this.

  2. Ditto. Your creativity is just impressive. How do you do all this work? Lovely
    those goldeny colours do have an eventime look about them, appropriate for wrinkles.

  3. Lovely illustration! I agree with the Taj Mahal comment or maybe the Kremlin at night. Nice composition. Lots of movement and interest. Great!

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