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Illustration Friday – Primitive & Stealing Art — 8 Comments

  1. worrying isn’t it? I read somewhere that the blog sites have an ownership clause so that anything you post on there is theirs. Surely it can’t be true? I should re-read the small print again carefully I guess. Stuff being used by friends is one thing, but by companies it is a bit galling. They could avoid employing people to design things for them and just borrow some of the marvellous artwork online.

  2. LOL about the top secret primitive bubble nest.

    Interesting background information on this post about where the bubbles are actually born, because I have often wondered. I like seeing different parts of the bubble world. This looks a bit like ‘The Land That Time Forgot’ and is indeed primitive. Also perhaps a bit like that island in Jurassic Park in the middle of the ocean where they made dinosaurs out of DNA. But lets hope there are no rogue or marauding bubbles like the T Rex in Jurassic lol

  3. if those bubbles are born where the dinosaurs roamed in juraissac park, i will have to keep an eye out for them…much of the filming for the second movie was done where i live
    ~sue okieffe

  4. This s very alarming and I am getting more sick just reading about it… In a way, how ould I complain if I myself “borrow” and transform other pieces and create collages…but at the same time, CORPORATIONS are eating everything in sight and we’ve got to stand up and proptect our creative and intellectual property… I will certainly read that article even if it’s going to make me mad.

    The question of “primitive” is very interesting in a global world.. Your poem fits perfectly 🙂

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