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Happy Spring and a Design — 4 Comments

  1. It is a lovely design, and funnily enough has similar colours to one John has posted today.

    Since you ask how people are doing we have just bought a caravan so hope to be using it over the summer. We did used to go camping but we are getting too old for lying on the ground and have started liking a few more creature comforts lol Last time we went camping we went on a caravan and camping site with no washing facilities so ended up using a nearby holiday camp for basic abolutions, well beats a bucket of water. Anyway, at least this caravan has a shower…

  2. The sun is shining and we can actually go out without our coats on. That’s a first for this year. We are doing well and are enjoying the weekend, not doing anything special at all. Well, nothing that we care to make public anyway.

    I love your design, it’s bright and cheerful and perfect for today. I hope you are doing well and are bright and cheerful as well.


  3. lovely and cheery
    here Spring is well and truly underway. we are planting and pruning, feeding and digging. Trying to keep things protected from the badgers squirrels and slugs – different people, but all like lettuce in their different ways

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