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Gold Leaf III & Glorious Spring — 6 Comments

  1. This is a hopeful sign, Diane. You do sound stronger. Lovely Inca look to this
    I like these repetitive digital patterns, so many things to be found in them. They remind me of the things you were doing when I first virtually met you.
    Hope it is 6 houses tomorrow.

  2. I am so glad to hear you are getting some strength, Diane!

    I think that many of us “want to do it all”. There is just so much wonderful stuff out there, and it’s hard to know when to pull the reigns in!

  3. Yes, gold leaf. Reminds me of old books with gold leaf in them. This has the feeling of old books bound with leather with gold leaf, but when you open them have treasuries inside.

  4. Just knowing you are doing better gives me hope that I will soon get over that awful food poisonning I have been suffering from….But let’s not talk abt me… I LOVE the golden hues, very close to my Orientalist sensibilities, very sensuous and luscious… I like what I see, Diane… You have so much more inside to explore! Bravo!

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