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Two Things Challenge – Sun/Shade — 12 Comments

  1. Hope you are looking after yourself.
    You make me feel guilty, you are ill and yet you’re doing all this stuff. I didn’t get the last challenge done, and not sure I’ll get this one done either.

  2. Hi Diane, Congratulations on your etsy feature!!! I really like what you are doing.

    Also, thanks for your note about the meds. I’m always interested in asthma info.

  3. Hi Frances, no need to feel guilty – this online community helps me feel less alone with health issues … Thank you for the good wishes!!

    Hi Cookie, Thanks for coming by – it is exciting about the Etsy feature – given that her blog is about color, it does seem I am a good match!! You are welcome!

    ~ Diane

  4. This one is very special – love the colors and the composition. I hope you are feeling better – this one is uplifting.

    Thanks for your comments – my best.

  5. Diane, Gorgeous sun/shade. I’m sorry to hear of your experience at the doctor’s.

    This image made me smile today. I hope you are recovering from yesterday’s setback.

    My best to you.

  6. Diane! You are crabby? How is that possible? Such a nice person like you? You must really feel bad and worn out.

    I like today’s image very much, because I like your tree so very much. It is a good tree!

    Hope you will be feeling better soon and less crabby…

  7. I love the scintillating colours on this one. Also the perfect shadows, which have a spot-on shadow effect. Very clever to do things like this. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  8. Fabulous, Diane! I especially love the colors, which make me think of flamingos. Which then make me think of warm climates, which in turn make me think of the sun and its warmth… Lovely.

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