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Two Things Challenge – Native/Exotic — 8 Comments

  1. These bubbles have a beautiful translucent effect. Like the concept too. We have a lot of native bubbles round here blown out of bubble machines made out of Fairy Liquid but not so many of the exotic ones.

  2. HI Bev, Fairy Liquid – I like that … never heard of it. Thank you for liking it.

    Hi John, bubble dance – I like that! Thank you … It is slow … I am still very drained and not breathing like I should … but better.

    ~ Diane

  3. The reflected details are mindblowing! How did you do that!!!! I see a lot of new techniques/feelings here… A lot of vibrant changes.. You’re on the right path 🙂

  4. Diane, since you like bubbles further info on the Fairy Liquid. It is actually washing up liquid but we find that when the bubble liquid runs out on bubble toys, if you get the Fairy Liquid to the right consistency, it works just as well. Quite an appropriate name too!

    Also it occurs to me that I subconsciously am into bubbles a lot too, as the header of my blog is quite bubble-like, but on a planet theme.

  5. Still loving these bubblescapes of yours! The colours in this one are a great combo I never would have thought of putting together! namaste Elis.

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