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Two Things Challenge – Dead/Alive & Ranked — 9 Comments

  1. I thought the subject matter of this week’s Two Things was little depressing (who chose this one, great for goths lol) but as usual you have cast a positive light on things. This reminds me of small animal creatures emerging from a static mineral egg, or that quote from the bible ‘Out of strength comes forth sweetness’ about honey being made in in the carcass of a lion, so live things live on even in the midst of death. Come to think of it, my entry this week may be on a lion theme.

  2. Hi Jean, I am delighted you love this … laughing is good!

    Hi Debra Ann, Thank you for your good wishes … and yes! to transformation!!

    Hi Bev, I am glad you feel uplifted by my entry and I am eager to see your lion!! Sounds great!

    ~ Diane

  3. Oh, I loooove this Dead & Alive piece! How cool to see this kind of topic in a challenge! Many thanks, too, for the mention of the Neighborhood posts on my blog…it’s been interesting to dig through those memories…

    And congrats on the top 101 listing!!

  4. I love your use of trees. I am also amazed at your ability to illustrate life and death with so few images! The bubbles remind me of live giving oxygen.

  5. HI Kara, I am delighted you love this!! Thanks for the congrats!!

    Hi Irene, I think it is gone … sigh!

    Hi Bev, I agree …

    Hi Lisa, thank you so much for your comments!!

    ~ Diane

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