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Two Things Challenge – Dead/Alive #2 — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Diane, I’m so glad you are well enough now to get your meds. My mom is here visiting and we are looking at the blog rounds together. We both commented how fun it is to see the inventive and artistic way you are able to interpret the 2 Thing Challenge in your Bubblescapes. Good job….again!

  2. Clever to have two entries this week.

    My brother-in-law has Crohns Disease, and it is very tough. I know sometimes he has to take morphine for the pain. You do very well to carry on doing things, and no wonder your work is so uplifting!

    This one is Springlike, and looks like green vernal bubbles emerging from a seed.

  3. wow so beautiful … i see the spot diane 🙂 from the first time i visit this blog i try to figure out what is the spot … uhmm interesting.. thanks to bring my right brain start to work 😉

  4. Hi Debi and Bobbie, thank you for your comments about my entry – great to see you both!!

    Hi John, I agree it looks dead to me too … keep getting better!

    Hi Neda, welcome back!! Glad you like them.

    Hi Bev, I am sorry to hear that your brother-in-law has Crohns too .. bummer .. but glad you like this!

    Hi Pandi, thank you so much!! Right brain workout is good.

    Hi Jean, thank you so much!

    Hi Kim, thank you so much … blessings to you too.

    ~ Diane

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