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  1. Congratulations, Diane – went o that Power blog and it looks very useful. I do hope you get better soon – I am finally getting over the flu and that is nothing in comparison.

    Best wishes, John

  2. Some things seem to last forever, don’t they? Illness can be so endless and always needs to be fought and you always need to be vigilant. Throw in a complication and then you are even further from home. You are healing so slowly, yet I am glad to hear that you should be well enough for your treatment.

    That little Bucky sure seems happy in the flower patch. Maybe that’s what you need. A bright and sunny flower patch to sit in. The warm rays of the sun would do you good.

    Has all the snow melted yet?

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  4. We’ll post links to sites that have Wednesday (plus or minus a few days) submissions of their chosen animal artwork. “Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.”—Bertolt Brecht

  5. Hi John, thanks .. and I need to check it out more. YOU feel better!

    Hi Pandi, thank you very much!

    Hi Irene, no the snow has NOT melted yet! It hasn’t heard it is spring! Flowers sound good!!

    Hi Lily, thank you very much!

    Hi PetMono, great site you have!

    Hi Bev, so glad you are laughing!!!

    ~ Diane

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