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Hanging in There — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Diane — sending you so many gooood vibes and healing thoughts, too. You are not alone — not sure if that will be comforting or not 🙂

    Lots of breathing stuff happening here for me, too. Trying to just escape into art when I’m awake. See you are doing some of that, too… some of these pieces you’ve shared with week are so open and freeing… feel like you are sending breath into the world…

    Anyway…just thinking of you!

  2. You’re so dependable, Diane. No matter how you feel, every day there is something new from you.

    I do hope you get better sooner. This seems to be hanging on for a long time. You must be a woman of great determination and just beat this thing.

    Your image is lovely, as usual, and I can imagine that lonely moon being you, hanging in the sky being mighty and powerful.

    Take care, dear one,
    big hug,

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