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Two Things Challenge – Sign/Post & Award! — 10 Comments

  1. Wow, Diane, I feel so blessed — maybe it’s an ego thing 🙂 but it’s so fun getting awards! I still have yet to snag the jpg of the other one and now this one! I will plan to add them to my blog this week and decide who I want to pass forward to, also!!

    Thanks for your entry comment for the one world one heart give-away!

  2. How do you make these bubbles play their parts so well? I thought for sure this one would stump you, hehe. But I guess if a bubble has to be a sign, then Love is the best sign it could possibly be.

    Thank you so much for passing this award to me, Diane. You are such a kind and giving person and well deserve this award.

  3. Wow! Thanks Diane. I havn’t seen that award before..I’m flattered! Thankyou muchly! Hmmm, better get my skates on if I am going to find 10 blogs!

    Lovely bubble post by the way! I love how you can interpret every theme with bubbles!! Very unique and clever:)

  4. Hi Bev, Glad you know think it can be done!!

    Hi Chris, you are welcome!

    Hi Kara, Hey, most of us like to be recognized … we are all blessed.

    Hi Neda, Your kindness and generosity are showing again – thank you!

    Hi Jean, Thank you for your onging support!

    Hi John, thank you for your support and stopping by!

    Hi Bobbie, You folks have challenged me greatly by sending me things I need to figure out. It has taken a LOT of hours!! You are welcome – it is well deserved!

    Hi Lisa, You are also welcome. It has been challenging to figure them out for sure!!

    Thank you all so much!
    ~ Diane

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