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Two Things Challenge – Night/Light — 12 Comments

  1. I love it Diane! I always enjoy your 2 things challenge entries!
    You do such great work Diane, sharing your knowledge, your blog is very informative and you are so kind to take the time to share!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Nicola xx

  2. Nice colors, Diane. I always like these cool jewel-like colors. You know, I really like it since you have added your signature. It adds to your artwork and reminds us that it is your inspiration!

  3. Wonderful work! I absolutely love it! I like the bubbles that are going into the water. It gives a feeling of wonder. Makes you wonder are they going to go into the water to become a part of it or are they going to rise above the water. As people try to rise above their problems in life. Wonderful work! *HUGS*

  4. Night! Light! Or, night light? I think I will have the bubbles as a night light and, as I move through the apartment at night, they will hover just in front of me to light the way to the kitchen where I will make myself a cup of decaf.

    Then I will kiss each bubble lightly and it will explode onto my face with a little splat and make me laugh. There will be an endless supply of bubbles coming from the United States, wrapped in bubble plastic, packed in big carton boxes. And I will have a huge painting of bubbles on my bedroom wall and it will be luminous and shine like the moon all night long.

  5. Irene’s words, as always are witty, bright and art.iculate The word luminous is so exact here and I tip[ Pablos beret to her and of course you.

    Thank you also for your thoughtt provoking comment for my bridge pic. I appreciate your insight.

    Thunder here tonight in early February. Very odd. My best.

  6. Nice piece, Diane. Beautiful greens and blues. They glow and remind me of fireflies, which I miss out here in SoCal. No lightning bugs west of the Mississippi, bummer!

    I will go and vote for you on the other topics. I have been so busy this week, hardly have had time to post and comment! I’ll catch up soon.

  7. I love the colors in your interpretation of Night/Light. Blue and green are my favorite colors, often evoking images of the ocean for me. This one certainly has that sea-like quality going on. Very nice!

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