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Two Things Challenge – Box/Car & Awards — 14 Comments

  1. Strange that the 2 things challenge was box and car when your car has been boxed in and it’s been giving you so much grief.
    So glad to hear you have had all these helping hands, at least sympathy and support make it feel better, even if the snow and ice aren’t about to hold off.
    Love love love that tree in your bubble landscape. for the car, somehow I prefer it in the pinks and mauves of the second image, it seems to fit in better.

  2. I think I like the second image the best, Diane, but that may just be quirky me, so check with some other people too.

    Is your driveway in the shade a lot? Is that why the ice is taking so long to melt? The snow plow man sure doesn’t sound very optimistic. I hope he didn’t plow the snow from the street across your driveway. Well, I’m sure he wouldn’t be that callus. You would have to get a bag of what the city services use to melt the snow in the streets. I don’t know what it is called, but I do know that it exists.

    I am glad Kris gave you that award too. It’s a sweet one, isn’t it? It’s great to feel so appreciated. I “lurve” my awards. I am so greedy and proud of them.

    Hope you are having a good weekend, Diane. I am having a peaceful one. Which is just fine and dandy with me.

  3. I think I like seeing you introduce other objects into your bubblescapes. Just a personal preference, but I think I like the objects to be transparent like the bubbles and for that reason I choose #2, plus I like red/pink colors. It is interesting like Frances said, that your car got boxed in right about the time DC chose this theme. lol! Congratulations on your awards 🙂

  4. second one reflects the clouds better as wel as the car- more natural within your bubble up universe. like number 2.

    snow, snow go away, come back another year.

  5. True what Frances says about your car being boxed in. Maybe your subconscious was at work during the making of these pieces. Bobbie, did DC choose this theme? Because it was quite a difficult one. Let’s see him have a go!

  6. I love love the second image. How great that you are taking your recent experience of having your car iced in, and turning it into great art. This is a fantastic piece.

    Congratulations on getting the car out again! How well I remember living in Chicago during the winter. I always drove around with a big snow shovel in my trunk, and used it many times. An interesting experience.

  7. Wow, what original interpretations! I love that the trees are here again and I really like your second image. I looks almost mystical.

  8. Hey that’s great combination. A box with car, it’s really a transparent thinking. Also, the color combination in the above pic’s are good.

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