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  1. So, what’s the big deal about Michelle Obama saying that for the first time in her adult lifetime, she is really proud of our country? Can’t she be a grown up and be outspoken? We criticize our country because WE LOVE IT! It’s far better than spewing venom like Bill O’Reilly who said that she ought to be “lynched!!!” Is his version of America better? Ay Ay Ay!!!

    Away from politics, I LOVE the blue pink collage and the lovely sentiments behind it…Makes my day dreamy…and washes away my anger 🙂 Thank you for your sweetness

  2. I like “Sky Blue Pink” and will remember it when I look at such a sky from now on. I think we have those kinds of skies here in the summer time and I can see the sun go down from our living room window.

    I didn’t watch Obama’s wife put her foot into it, but I hope it wasn’t too bad and that all of the media didn’t jump all over her, poor thing. I can just imagine the circus.

    I hope your car is freed of it’s captive ice soon with the help of all of your neighbors. They sure are nice people and maybe they read your blog.

    That 12 hour sleep sounds wonderful and I am jealous of it. You sure know how to do that right!

  3. The only reason they are going for blood here with Michelle Obama is that their candidates are all LOSERS! I agree that democracy is about being allowed to speak out and speak truth. Enough with the lies already! They are exhausting.

    Politics aside, Diane, if I even considered trying to do half of what it looks like you are doing, my head would explode. So yes, I understand that you might be a bit behind. I hope the rest of this winter goes much easier for you. 🙂

    This piece is soft and lovely. I like your little girl reference, nice. It is healing to see.

  4. Diane- this “Sky, Blue, Pink” is now one of my all time favorites. WoW! truly magical.

    I’m not going to get into politics because it will only raise my blood pressure and why bother doing that when this lovely image has me where I want to be.

    I cannot believe you have that much ice. Thank goodness for wonderful neighborly helper bees.

  5. I’m starting to feel like we could be turning a corner with our political situation. Overall, I am still skeptical of how much change he will be able to accomplish, but I’ll be voting for Obama come November and staying positive. After all, the real change doesn’t come from our leaders for they are merely manifestations of what we collectively desire and imagine. I think enough people are desiring change and Obama is our best shot at that. I am optimistic.

  6. Hi, I found your painting online and thought it was beautiful. Couldn’t think of a more perfect name, and the artwork is refreshing and vibrant. I like the bubbles too, they add a sense of summer fun! Thanks for sharing your work. 🙂

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