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Quick Check-In — 13 Comments

  1. I wish I could send you a bit of the thaw we had yesterday! Of course by this morning everything was under ice, but still. I sympathize with all my heart, I was doing it by myself as well these last two weeks too. Love

  2. That’s why you should move to TEXAS, girl!! Seriously, though, I really feel with you guys..Rima was in the exact situation and I was on the phone with her constantly… Make some hot chocolate and cuddle up…It will pass.

    Also, you asked in one of your comments if I could write something abt me and I did! All fluff and bubble gum but I thnk I revealed a bit more abt me..Hope you’ll have time to read it!

    Stay warm!And try not to hurt yourself!!!

  3. Great attitude given situation – you must be inland – here in NYC area it has not accumulated once. Dusitng. Yesterday was 50 degrees. Colder again today.

    Great image – tones and colors and all. My best.

  4. Bless you girl! Would a hair dryer help on the car? It works for me to get the door unstuck down here in Texas when we get bad ice storms, but not as bad as yours I’m sure.

  5. I just can’t imagine anything as bad as that and I definitely think you should move to a warmer climate. Even here in the Netherlands we don’t get anything as bad as that. Our winters aren’t anything at all compared to the stories I ‘ve heard about people living in the Midwest and Canada.

    Really, I think you should seriously consider moving.

    The bubble scape is beautiful and abundant. All those wonderful bubbles! And not an icy one between the lot of ’em.

  6. Hope you get out of the ice soon! I was going to say “I’m sending you warm thoughts”, then I thought…wait… NO, it’s “I am sending your car thaw energy! 🙂

  7. I’m surprised with all this cold and ice your bubblescapes aren’t black and blue. They warm my heart when I see them and take me to a wonderful relaxing place.

    Thank you for these beautiful images!

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