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Passion in Etsy — 11 Comments

  1. Hi my dear. I am finally home (in more ways than one). It is such a pleasure reading you once again, my internet in Beirut could not load some sites..So sorry to know that you’ve been having some health issues again. Please do take care of yourself (we need you happy and healthy). I miss you and I will be catching up soon (once the jet lag has vanished). Kisses and hugs, my dear friend 🙂

  2. Diane, I love this piece. To me it is more pink than red, but qualifies as red. It looks like passion, how beautiful! It is wonderful that you share your knowledge of marketing, you are very generous.

  3. Great pair in red – amy experience with your work for me is like hearing a style of muisic and learning its nuances and appreciating it as it settles in my brain and I see all the unique transformations.

    An artistic big bang of sorts…..a vast universe.

    You are genorous like Kris noted and also fto be commended or taking on a VAST job. I applaud you putting yout time in. My best….thanks for all your kind comments.

  4. Diane, what can I say? You will always take on more than I think your shoulders can carry. And no, I do not think you are a frail woman, maybe just a stubborn one, or am I being overly concerned about you now?

  5. Hi Neda, So good to see you!!!

    Hi Elis, thank you!!

    Hi Jean, I agree it is more rose … red is just not my color.

    Hi Kris, Thank you for your kind words!

    Hi Debi, Good to see you …. yes, loving pair.

    Hi John, What a wonderful analogy! Thank you!

    Hi Irene, Thank you for your concern – I have been doing this particular thing for a few months … you may well be right! Thank you for the award!!!!!

    Hi Frances, thank you so much for caring about me!!!

    Hi Enzie, Welcome and thank you for your great comment!!

    Hugs to all,

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