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  1. That’s good news about the car and thank goodness that nice young men still populate this world. It isn’t all gloom and doom wherever you look, is it?

    We have no such weather problems here, as a matter of fact, our weather is springlike and we expect warm temperatures by Sunday (16 degrees Celsius).

    Such a wonderful sky in your painting today. I would love to lie down and look at those clouds drift by for awhile.

  2. Where’s the global warming when you need it?! Holy Mackerel, you’d think you live in Antartica. At least the car is out of the clutches of the ice wrapped around the tires. No fear, Spring is on it’s way!

    If I lived there I hack that ice to smithereens and get you out, I have good experience with ice and snow having lived many years in New York and Colorado.

    Lovely beautiful image, “First Blush”

    Thank you for your kind words and visits, as always.

  3. I am so happy to hear you have finally got your car dug out. It’s very hard to be up here without a car so I know how frustrating it was for you. What you say about the kindness of the people here in western Mass is so true. I got stuck driving in the same storm that caused your car to get frozen into your driveway. Where I live we are expected to move our cars to the road so the guy can come and plow. Unfortunately, although the snow had stopped, the ice storm had dropped a layer of ice on top of the snow and then the rain that was pouring down made all that a very slippery mess. For some misguided reason I decided I wanted to drive around the block to park behind my apartment complex. When I realized the street hadn’t been plowed I tried to make a U-turn and got stuck on a huge patch of ice. There I was in the middle of the street – crosswise – and no way to get out, and it was raining and freezing and I was soaking wet from cleaning my car in the rain. And there was this kind young man in an SUV and he got out of his car, came up and physically pushed my car off of the ice. I don’t even know who he was because he just got back in his car and made sure I was ok and then left. What a guy!

    I moved to western Mass. from New York City (Brooklyn, actually) about 5 years ago and I used to actually cry my first few months here when people were kind to me. And their kindness is still so surprising to me, and very much appreciated. I might add that Diane and Susan have both been particularly kind to me so the consideration of her neighbors is not surprising. They surely deserve all the good things that come to them.

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