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Book for and about Students and Artists Together — 9 Comments

  1. You have such a big heart Diane! I checked the blog and it looks like a very worthy project as well as a model to be used all across the States. What a wonderful thing to have the students’ art coexisting next to more experienced artists. It’s really wonderful. I read that the spots are filled for 2008…maybe 2009?? Are you sure you do not have a twin or a clone, Diane??? I can barely keep up with your energy and generosity. You are one of a kind!!! Bravo from all my heart!

  2. Diane, what a wonderful project. I went and looked at the blog and was struck by the giving spirit and vision of both Nicole and the artists involved. What a great way to involve students and give them the opportunity to show their work alongside working artists. Love it! Congratulations to you on another success.

  3. Nicole is doing a wonderful thing, isn’t she! I sent her some ACEOs for the children.

    I’m not surprised at all at the number of treasuries you’re in! Your work is amazing, and deserving of that honor.

  4. Oh, I can’t see the sky for the bubbles! There are so many of them, it is an invasion. Let me blow them all out of the way except for one or two. Pfht…there, that’s better.

    It sounds like a lovely book, Diane, and you are a sweetheart for participating in it. I bet it is beautiful and I wish I could buy it, but alas. Some things are beyond my reach. Good to hear that there are such good initiatives, though.

  5. Diane,

    Eek I’m so far behind, blog reads… I’m starting here. Wonderful “Pink Planets” bubblescape. These bubblescapes truly amaze me. I really enjoyed checking out link to Nicole’s “Create, Collect, Trade, what a fabulous idea. I will spend more time perusing there very worthy cause.

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