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2 More Treasuries!! — 7 Comments

  1. It is nice that your art is getting showcased on Etsy in this very nice way. I hope this drums you up some new business and makes you independently wealthy..lol!

  2. Oh, how exciting for you! That is wonderful news! 😀 I, like Bobbie, hope it drums up some good business for you! Thanks for letting me take off that tin foil hat, too. It was starting to scratch.

  3. Hi there
    Lovely things. I do like the reds and purples.
    Just to let you know I have tagged you for the book meme. When you have time. LOL 😉

  4. Spring Love is lovely! I adore that shade of lime green, and the colors you put it with rock my eyes. Wonderful, and congratulations on the Treasuries! Those are such a great way to market work. I’ve been in a few of them as well, and I love the combinations people come up with.

  5. I think Spring Love is about Eduard and me, although we are in the autumn of our lives, we were also in love in the spring of our lives. We floated apart, as two bubbles very easily can. We floated around the world, until we floated into each other’s sight again. Now we are glued together with special bubble glue.

    Good for you for being in all those Treasuries, I hope lots of good things develop from it.

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