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Two Things Challenge – Plain/Peanut — 13 Comments

  1. hi diane, thanks again for mentioning the creative every day 2008 project!

    that’s too bad about your design job. sometimes we just don’t vibe well or connect with a person and it’s no one’s fault at all. i’m glad you parted ways in an agreeable way though. it always feels better when endings are mutual and fair.

    happy creating to you!

  2. Diane, I hardy ever comment on the comments people leave on my posts. Instead, I go to their blogs and leave comments there. It works.

    Sorry that your design job didn’t work out. Sometimes we just don’t hit it off with other people, no matter how nice we are ourselves.

    You’ve made a lovely bubble scape, as usual.

  3. Thank you for your condolences, Diane. JD was my grandson, and for a very long time the only boy amidst a lot of girls. I will miss him.

    Sorry your design job did not work out, but God must have other plans for you. Good that you were able to recognize that and move on.

    Lovely Plain Peanuts 🙂

  4. Love your designs – what filter do you use for your bubblescapes…I really like the look!!!!
    The top image is cool –
    thanks for sharing it all!!!

  5. Hi Diane,
    I like both of these, but my favorite is the first one. I love the textures and colors in it especially. Both are beautiful, I always love your colors and vision!

    I’m sorry about the design job falling through, but I do get the communication thing. That person came your way to help you with something, I’m sure. Your communication is always so direct and clear, I agree. You must be making room for something bigger!

  6. Diane: Another excellent entry. I especially like the first piece and the kaleidoscopic quality it possesses. I imagine, if I could rotate my head 360 degrees, the design would change with each turn. Well done!

  7. So sorry about that job, maybe next time, do it in writing and let them pay at least a portion upfront. I empathize with you: very few non-artist clients really know what a challenge it is to create art within their specifications. The price does not reflect the finished product but also all the mental and physical and creative energies that go into a design. Better luck next time!

    As for the 2 entries, I think the bubbles are fun and playful but I prefer the exquisite blue one. There is something gorgeous about that color (suits your eyes, right?) that speaks volumes to me. I love the Indian (?) pattern influence. Very exotic and exquisite! 🙂

    I have DSL (wireless) but it is still frustrating ! 🙁

  8. So sorry about that deal but you have a good attitude. There is one thing that a lot of non-artistic clients seem to forget or ignore and it is the tremendous efforts and mental strain and the amount of time involved in creating their specific requests. Next time, put it in writing! And better yet, get some down payment first!

    I like the bubbles, fun and playful. But my favorite is the first one because you have chosen an incredible blue hue (like your eyes, right?) that is simply magnificent. It is both exotic and exquisite!!!

    And yes, my internet is still acting up here although we have DSL (wireless not phone connected)

  9. See what I mean?!!! So FRUSTRATING! I thought my first comment disappeared but there was a glitch here so I wrote another comment (similar) but now I see that both went through. Sorry about that 🙁

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