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Two Things Challenge – Foot/Loose — 9 Comments

  1. You never fail to deliver a wonderful piece of art. I am always pleasantly surprised and have come to assume that there always will be something here.

    But I will never take you for granted, I promise. I just feel very fortunate that I get to come here every day to see what you have made. You are truly a digital master and I would wish to be able to do anything remotely as good as this one day, or maybe in my next life.

    Yes, I think it will have to be in my next life, since I don’t think I will acquire the skills in this one. It doesn’t matter. I have people like you to enjoy.

  2. For me, to appreciate your work even more I go and look at some of your other “solar systems” because your vision is sort of like a “galaxy” – how each planet is different, celebratorily existing within a cosmic pure Milky Clancy Way.

    My best.

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