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Two Things Challenge – Empty/Full — 10 Comments

  1. Yes! Please tell me more about yourself, Diane. I have not quizzed you about your illness, thinking that you did not want to share. I don’t think an illness would cause anyone to think less of you or your abilities, but rather the opposite.

  2. I love these colors! I have painted paintings with just these colors in mind. This piece is magical to look at. I see Empty/Full!

    Diane, if you want to share more, it is up to you. I understand how privacy can be healing, because then people don’t look at you as the person who has this or that disorder. But openness can also be healing, especially if this is part of what you must deal with every day. It’s trusting that you will be fine if you are honest about what you must go through. I’d still like you either way! 😀

    I’d love to see a photo of you, so I have a real picture to go along with the one I have created!

  3. Diane the colors in this are vibrant and bright and wonderful. You can see the emptyness and the fullness.

    Share only that what makes you comfortable but if there is a story of inspiration there I would love to hear it. Health is one of those universal concerns whether it is a large concern or a small one. Blessings to you.

  4. Lovely image today, Diane. Very nice colors too.

    Share what you are comfortable sharing. I, for one, would like to know all about you, but I also respect your wish for privacy, so it is up to you.

  5. Hi Diane,
    I love that bubble with the pink line running through it! The line is even curved. Very clever.I think that bubble in particular illustrates the theme well, it has a dark and light side which I see as being the empty and the full…
    As for you sharing your health problems..I think that if it is important to you to share it then you should but if it’s more impportant to keep these things seperate from your art then you shouldn’t say more than you are comfortable with.
    I think the blogging community can be a great source of friendship and encouragement be it artistcaly or personally….what ever you write we will respond too!

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