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The Universe Wrote Me — 13 Comments

  1. I love this bubblescape; these bubbles look so full and fat as they are about to drop into the sea.

    I love these sayings from the Universe, but I have to ask: Will I get spammed if I sign up for Notes From The Universe? I finally have my spam back to managable size after putting my email address on a post a few months back.

  2. An ever so delightful bubblescape, Diane!! Don’t you love “tut”?
    I do hope you find a bit of time for rest today, sounds like a full one ahead of you.

    p.s. Bobbie, I have had no spam as a result of “tut”

    Best to you,


  3. This sounds like a great site! I like the way they use your name to personalise it. Reminds me of those little paper calenders they used to have like little books that you used tear off one sheet at a time with a daily message. This has been updated for the computer age here.

  4. Thanks for your comment @ techXtreme,Diane. I have been so busy with Inspirit and practically don’t find any time to get back to techXtreme as I am now the admin at Blog Engage and also the global moderator at Blog Engage Forums!

    I have been working my @$$ out to do quality content at Inspirit. It’d be lovely if you check it out and tell me if it was helpful… By the way, if you haven’t joined BlogEngage yet, then just go and sign up and promote your blog 😉 We have some really nice crowd there.


  5. I’ve never been able to understand the universe and your letter doesn’t help. I got excited for a moment because I, of course, always want to know the exact reason of how and why things work like they do. Keep posting the correspondence from the universe so I can continue to wonder 🙂

    I need to stop rambling…

  6. Wise sayings from the universe are probably very universal, are they not? Not that it matters, but I would dearly like a message that pertains strictly to me and my particular situation. Is there anyone out there who can address that? As you can see, I am looking for a specific answer to a specific question and I don’t think the wise sayings are going to help me solve that.

    Oh, I can be such an impatient and demanding person! You, on the other hand, Diane, seem to be full of patience and good humor. Maybe your understanding of the universe is greater than mine.

  7. This piece has a quality of calm and peace about it. As ever, I love the colors and light!

    I just signed up for my Universe mail. Very cool, thanks!

    I have to restart my computer after working a lot on it, and it always helps. It will slow down just from everything open which slows down the hard drive. This, I agree, is frustrating, so I just reboot.

  8. oops,

    i meant to say something about you sharing about your health issues. I support you in this 100%.

    I tend to just blurt out this kind of stuff. I figure if people are here at “my” site, they want to know more about me. This only brings us all closer. I’m so happy getting to know you and sharing some of our health problems with each other. It is nice to know that I am not alone.

    Take care!

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