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Simple Pleasures — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Diane! My simple pleasure is finding time to work in my art journal…doesn’t get any simpler than that for me. In general, I try not to make anything “complicated” at all…things flow much more smoothly. I like the bubblescapes… I am not sure how it would work, but I bet a lot of people like Chocolate as a simple pleasure….how about chocolate bubbles? lol Wait…maybe I am confusing that with a guilty pleasure.. oh well.

  2. Simple pleasures, walking the dogs at an empty beach with fresh air and see them roaming along the whole beach 🙂

    Lovers in bubbles? My artistic mind needs more coffee to speed something up.
    Right now I only get Bubble hearts intertwined, not very original 😉

  3. Diane, One of my favorite simple pleasure is clouds. The more I do landscape photography the more I love and appreciate the beauty of the sky. I love the way the sun and light moves and changes. I know you have other art with clouds so consider this simple pleasure.

    Love your art and creativity. Keep up the good work.

  4. My simple pleasures are coffee and cigarettes as you probably well know. I don’t know how you could work this into a bubble painting.

    I daydream a lot. Could you make a bubble painting about daydreaming? Something floaty and blue and wishful?

  5. My simple pleasures are looking at the sky and the earth. Tonight’s sunset was pretty spectacular, and all work stopped at my home to look at it.

    As for lovers in bubbles, I immediately pictured putting my ex’s in bubbles and watching them float away!

  6. Wow! Diane, could you be more incredible :)? I love the painting. I doubt there is any bubblescape you make I that I wouldn’t love. There is just something about them.

    A few ideas on simple pleasures – a sunflowers, sunrise, sunset, the moon when it is full… those are immediate ideas that are at the tip of my mind.

    As for a man and woman, I am thinking create bubbles that are stacked vertically but connected as if to represent a body… one for the man and one for the woman and have them pressed up against each other… with the man bubble’s head looking down and the woman’s up as in in a kiss or embrace… and the bubbles can be different colors to represent diversity and the closeness of the couple as having the appearance of melding can represent unity… so they can be the cosmic couple, forces of existence, and also represent the perfect union of beauty between a man and a woman… if you make it, let me know, I’ll buy the painting…

    Lots of love,


    P.S. Finally got it right, bubblescape… kept saying bubblespace 🙂

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