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Show, Entry and Footprint — 8 Comments

  1. It’s too early in the morning for such technicalities. My mind has not woken up enough to comprehend it all. You should definitely be nominated for best Art blog. Very strange that they don’t have that as an option.

    I usually don’t care for cute animal pictures, but yours are better than most others I have seen. I get sentimental about my dog and I can see where other people would be about theirs also.

  2. I haven’t forgotten about sending you a picture of my Tessa. I have just managed to e-mail Deb when (I think) so the time will surely come when I can send pictures too!

  3. I emailed suggesting art as a category and bcc’d it to you. Hobby??!! Any old how, they are obviously lacking some important information so we get to educate them.

    Thanks, as ever, for the helpful hints. I will try the signature one.

    I still think you make animals look like Superheroes. I like it!

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