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NicoleB Photography & Little More BlogCatalog — 9 Comments

  1. Diane, I also see that you can only update a thumbshot once every two weeks. So, for a frequent poster like yourself, you would retain the older thumbshot for some time. I generally update once a week. You have really helped me to get more out of blogcatalog.

    I forgot to thank you for the lovely comment you made about my blog!
    I appreciate that so much.

  2. Now I’m curious, Diane. I guess I am going to have to check out blogcatalog and see for myself. Love your bubblescape today. These are my kinda colors too!

  3. “Ocean Dreams” is very jubilant and expansive. I suppose it is okay if you make something in you favorite colors too, lol. When I see many bubbles like that, I want to reach in and stir them up with my hand. It is really magical how you make them float about on the ocean like that.

  4. Diane, I love your Ocean Dreams and these colors are to die for. Stitch and Review for IF, wonderful. Never heard of this blog catalog until now. Thank you for all your generous posts, chock full of good info.and your kind words.

  5. Thanks for the posts on Blog Catalog. I was inspired to go to my site there and play around a bit after reading your informative and helpful posts.

    I love these colors also. But I like all of your colors, as I love color too!

  6. I love these colors as well.
    But I sure as heck love your yellow and green tones and the Buddhas, sigh 🙂

    Thanks for pointing to the Artists Unite.
    I hope more Artists will join.
    Due to the Promotion one Artist sold something (on Zazzle) the other day.
    Makes me happy 😀

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