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Illustrator Friday – Plain — 12 Comments

  1. More wonderful bubblescapes! I love the bubbles disappearing into the horizon, and the intense pink one too.

    (BTW, it’s “Illustration” Friday…not illustrator.” )
    No big deal…the link works 🙂

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  3. Both the seascapes are beautiful, but I am always drawn to the seascape with the single bubble. It seems to have a purpose as it hangs so silently there over the sea. Is it a messenger or a scout?

  4. I like the plain plane! I am also glad you made another piece in those colors I adore, the second one. Nice work!!

    The first one is a great challenge. It’s hard for me to just make something plain, and this works so stunningly.

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  6. I wondered what you would do for plain! I think you did well. I like the simplicity of the first one, straight to the point as you said though not at all boring!

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