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Illustrator Friday – 100% & Rima’s Challenge — 10 Comments

  1. Hi, Diane – I have to stop reading everything on my Google reader. I became lazy and stopped commenting (also for the other reasons that you know – email to follow with details, I promise!)
    I think the 100% entry is 100% Diane! This blue-&-yellow combo is one of your best marriages of colours. I love it. And of course, the familiar “patterns”.
    I love what you did with the apple – we looked at it quite similarly I think. I’m going to have to challenge you harder next time!

  2. I like your apple very much. The touch of color is great. I still need to do something with my apple, but I don’t know what yet. I have to give it some thought. You are inspiring me, however.

  3. Hi Diane. sorry I have taken so long to get around to actually visiting your blog instead of just reading the feedblitz reader! I can’t comment there of course!
    I like your glass apple, it looks like a water colour and it’s amazing you can achieve that effect with out water! It’s also a lot different to what I usually see you do so it’s interesting to see another side to your work.
    You get so much done keeping up with challenges and your own revenue art! Well done!

  4. Mmm, good post. But….
    I come here finding Eve’s Apple mystery.Your blog about 100%, Digital Glass Apple, Digital is to cool Diane Clancy.I really love your way of acting the digital.
    Hope the job is continue to visit again.
    Thank you.

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