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Illustration Friday – Tales and Legends — 15 Comments

  1. I saw a totem icon – very strong image and in tune with tales/legends. Composition clearly pushes me up – uplifting and positive. Not at all placid.

    Very cool – I like it. Great colors range.

    I will look at IF link, thank you.

  2. Great piece of work. It has the feeling of African mythical creatures, and the feeling of spinning tales. I was going to try and enter this Illustration but I couldn’t manage the thumbnails!

  3. Life’s experiences are opportunities for gaining knowledge. Wisdom results when that knowledge is shared. This is what I gather from your words, and it goes well with your inspiring piece. This design would make wonderful fabric too!

  4. I love what you’ve done here. The colors are so vibrant and alive. It touches so many cultures Peruvian, African, Mayan. It also has a Southwest flare. Beautiful!

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