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Goals for 2008 — 9 Comments

  1. I have just read what you have achieved in 2007 – and it is quite a lot. You seem to have a similar amount of goals in 2008. These postings are full of energy, I hope it is infectious!

  2. Wonderful goals, Diane. I like how you started with your health and spiritual goals first. I do that too, it’s the priority.

    I am sure you will achieve great things in 2008!

  3. Wow, this is quite a list Diane, but as Bev says it is in line with your 2007 goals and so I can’t help but believe that you will achieve a lot in 2008. I always find that I have some goals that I don’t achieve that are “left over” at the end of the year. Do you?

  4. That list is way too long for just one person to do. It would take at least ten of you. Are you sure you want to live up to all of those things? My list is short and has only one word and that is “balance”. If I achieve that, I will be a happy woman.

  5. Dreams are just goals with out deadlines! That is one of my favorite quotes. I think goals are a very important part of success though as are the dreams that were there before the goal. Writing a list as you have can help us to see the success’s also as we can tick things off as they happen. Yes your list is long but many can cross over and some may well need to be achieved for others to be possible. Go for gold and dream BIG I say!

  6. Print this and keep it by your desk. Heck, I may print YOURS and keep it by my desk. ha

    Excellent goals, Diane. And like Kris said, good to have the health at the top. You seem like a woman of creative industry and I suspect we’ll see this list being checked off throughout the year.

  7. Hi Beverly, I hope this energizes you! And me!!!

    Hi Kris, yes, I need my health, mental health and spiritual health to function!!

    Hi Jean, I have to remember to take risks and play! Here’s to us all!

    Hi Bobbie, Every day, every year I have left over goals … I guess I feel better having things that I want to do than if I don’t ….

    Hi Irene, Balance is the most important … the foundation of everything else. I always take on too much … but I have fun.

    Hi Lisa, I like that … dreams are goals without deadlines … There are so many many crossovers!

    Hi Debi, What a good idea – and I love that you might print it our too!!

    Hi Gale, I am so glad my goals are helping yours!!

    ~ Diane

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