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  1. Excellent choices!

    All I know about your health is what I read about on Wikipedia where your brain has been removed from your body (which is being held in cryogenic storage in a bunker 500 feet below Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado) and is currently in a glass beaker connected to electrodes which connect directly to the Internet at DARPA headquarters…. this is true, right?

  2. YOU deserve this award! Someone sent me the nomination but I had no idea where to find the actual link. LOL

    Diane you have an awesome weekend girl! Your blog always makes my daY! ~Monica

  3. Diane, what a delightful, unexpected surprise!! I cannot thank you enough. That is so sweet of you. I want you to know that your bubblescapes always bring a smile to my day. You’re an inspiration, continuing to work and create in spite of your challenges. Share what you are comfortable with, Diane. It may be therapeutic to write about it. Art is so healing.
    Best to you, and thank you again,

  4. Congratulations on getting that award, Diane. You do deserve that one and yes, I think that if you are comfortable with it, you can share your health issues with us. What the heck, I constantly talk about what it is like to be manic depressive, so I don’t see why you could not talk about whatever ails you. It may make us more understanding of those days when you are low on energy.

    Big hug!

  5. You are sweet :)!
    I know that it’s a tough one, I got one from Momisodes the other day and it’s still on the Backburner… :S

    You deserve to get a bazillion of these though :D!

  6. Diane! You are so thoughtful and I can’t thank you enough! I think this is — dare I say it outloud — my *first* blog award. How wonderful to have it come from you! It’s just as exciting to start thinking about who I want to now pass this forward to, also!! Fun!

    I know what you mean about finding a balance between your business as an artists and your humanity as a blogger — trying to decide how much to share and all. For me personally, I ended up deciding to share a variety of things in the 1000 Faces of Mother Henna blog because it felt very disconnected when I didn’t. The whole idea of the vow to myself as an artist meant being able to integrate all the part of my experience: grief, healing, challenges, witnessing, creation, love, joy, and yes, even putting my work out there so that I could eventually make a living as an artist.

    And in the end it is all an experiment anyway!! 🙂 If something ends up not work out right, then I’ll try it a little differently next time and so on 🙂
    Lots and lots of miracles to you!
    And thank you again!

  7. Congrats on getting the award, and thanks for mine! I do enjoy blogging very much, it is so rewarding, and although I should be concentrating on other things just can’t keep away.

  8. Yes Diane, well done and thanks for the mention! It is hard to choose as each visitor adds something different to the last, even those that don’t comment are encouraging because it means we know we arn’t talking to ourselves! lol

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