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Finishing Up BlogCatalog — 13 Comments

  1. I really like your painting, Diane and I very much like the colors. They are different from what you usually use, but I like them very much and think you should do more of these using these colors. I like them better than the pinks and blues that you have used in the past. I also like the single bubble, but I think I already mentioned that. You can imagine it being so many things, especially in the colors you are using now.

  2. Regeneration is beautiful.

    I am still trying to tie two cans to a string and talk into the can. When I talk I cannot listen.

    I will try to get a handle on this – new things bother me more than they should. I admire you, sailing past the flat edge of this world.

    Your work also seems to indicate this earth is round…..you may be unto something there too. Peace and fewer typos.

  3. Hi Diane,

    Breathtaking was the first thought that came to mind. This bubblescape expressed some deep soulful longing that words simply cannot. I felt it at the core.

    When I get to where I am going to be on a more long-term basis, in the fall sometime, I will be purchasing some of these paintings, which I hope will be available for purchase as this would look lovely in my new digs, wherever they turn out to be.

    Simply Captivating!

    With warmest regards,


  4. i like this color palette heaps. its always been one of my favorites and so im especially drawn to this image. as for blog catalog, im glad you are sharing your knowledge. we all have something to share. right now it’s more than i can take in. maybe someday….
    ~sue okieffe

  5. Diane, this is fantastic! I can see the energy of you regenerating yourself in this one. It may be necessary to work with different colors for this because you are trying to heal. I know you are working intuitively, and I love the results. I also really like this color palette. It’s one I use frequently, especially greens with purples.

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